A new model to empower and save teen lives.


 Supporting schools and adding social health to social media.

With the student to guidance counselor ratio in our schools being hundreds to 1, and internet safety being of the top 4 concerns for the U.S, our mission is to improve the overall culture and health on both campuses and online.

We are equipping Millennials to rewrite their stories and our future narrative.  

Through our campaigns, workshops, assemblies/keynotes, and a continued engagement tool for teen girls, we are going beyond empowerment.

Our approach is rooted in social and emotional health practices and our performance arts speakers are not only relatable, they are powerfully engaging.

Topics covered vary from: Gender roles & stereotyping, social media, diversity and inclusion, team building, as well as resiliency & self-compassion.

We don’t just speak up, we are here to rise up TOGETHER.

Our campaigns include:

Rewriting “PRETTY” & “MANHOOD”

Rewriting Social Media

Rewriting Diversity & Inclusion

Rewriting Gender Roles & Stereotyping

Rewriting the Stigma of Mental Health

Rewriting our Future Narrative


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To date, we have worked with over 250,000 students throughout 50 cities all over the country.

While we focus on the social and emotional health of teen girls, our signature program “The Future is yours to REWRITE” is for anyone who is ready to REWRITE their story.

This event has been everywhere from : Campus orientations, graduation ceremonies, and even spirit and awareness weeks, to corporate events, conferences, youth organizations, detention centers, and even Prisons. Rewriting your story has become a widely sought after message that reminds everyone that at any moment, ANYONE, can REWRITE their story.

Our Process:

  1. We create safe spaces in schools for teens to share their stories grades 6-University with assemblies and workshops.
  2. We leverage performance arts, writing, and technology to optimize their personal story and overall vision for their future.
  3. We are building the first online, continued engagement tool, exclusively for teen girls to share their story and continue to encourage, and be encouraged by their peers.


In a world that traditionally compares & tears girls apart,


The Rewrite Project has also taken their impact a step further and is building a continued engagement tool to keep the conversations going after the school assemblies are over. To be apart of our Beta test with our latest technology please sign up here.


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